Oklahoma Investment Property for Sale

Oklahoma Investment Property for Sale

Oklahoma Investment Property for Sale: A Versatile Opportunity

Are you in search of a lucrative investment opportunity in Oklahoma? Look no further! We present to you an exceptional property that combines a duplex and a single garage apartment, all situated on one lot. This unique offering provides multiple income streams and endless possibilities for potential buyers.

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The duplex consists of two half units, each featuring one bedroom and one bathroom, complete with central heating and air conditioning. The north unit, known as 121, underwent a remodeling project approximately ten years ago, ensuring a modern and updated living space. On the other hand, the south unit, 121.5, has recently been remodeled, further enhancing its appeal and potential rental value.

Oklahoma Investment Property for Sale

In addition to the duplex, the property also includes a three-bay converted garage with a garage apartment situated above it. While the garage apartment does not currently have central heating and air conditioning, it presents an opportunity for the new owner to add value through renovation and updating. The western end of the garage is currently being utilized for storage purposes, while the eastern end is undergoing renovations to create an additional room for the apartment. This extra space can be used as a living area or an additional bedroom, further increasing the property’s rental potential.

At present, all three units are occupied by tenants, generating a total monthly rental income of $1,345. This consistent cash flow is undoubtedly an attractive feature for potential investors. Moreover, the property’s operating expenses are estimated to be around $300 per month, ensuring a healthy profit margin.

While the property does not have a sign to maintain tenant privacy, interior photos will be provided for interested parties. To respect the current tenants’ privacy, it is advised not to disturb them and to schedule walk-arounds using the Showing Time platform. Please note that interior showings are only available once a contract has been secured, ensuring minimal disruption for the existing tenants.

Buyers are encouraged to verify all information provided to ensure accuracy and make an informed decision. This investment opportunity offers versatility, a steady income stream, and the potential for value appreciation through renovation and updates.

Don’t miss out on this remarkable investment property in Oklahoma. Act swiftly and secure your future in real estate today!

121 S Center Avenue, Shawnee, OK 74801

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